At the end of the day it"s not about what you have accomplished....

it's about who you lifted up, who you've made better.

It's about what you've given back."

                                                                                  -Denzel Washington

The National Kidney Foundation serves all people affected by kidney disease.  Having a 30 year old niece  on dialysis for 5 years and watching her deal with a day to day struggle was so disheartening.  Today, she is no longer suffering as she has received a new kidney just a few months ago and has a new life ahead of her!

My Husband Glenn's mother, also had kidney disease and  her kidney failure put her on dialysis until she passed.  As we have always donated to this cause, this year we have pledged to give a portion of our proceeds to NKF with love in hopes to help more people receive kidneys from donors and see a future without kidney disease.

Years ago, I had a beautiful sister who got Leukemia at age 10 and passed away atage 13. We were kids and even though we had good times in between her hospital stays, losing her  was the hardest time of my life. It was long ago and since then, children are surviving Leukemia and living normal lives.

Glenn also, lost his dear cousin to this disease after a bone marrow transplant.  This year we will give a portion of our procedds to The LLS with love and hopes to find a cure for all.